Peaches Prattlings

{April 18, 2016}   Ruby slippers make everything better!

Oh yeah,  Dorothy’s ruby red slippers…sigh.

I am in Washington, DC with the family for spring break week. See, I told you things would be better.



Today’s agenda was to start with breakfast, of course, then take the shuttle to the metro,  I remember being awed by the DC metro system, then… The Smithsonian,  Air and Space Museum. Big reason…EJS wanted to see Amelia Earhart’s plane. Cool, wouldn’t you say?


There were some amazing things we saw and learned today.



There was a sculpture garden on the way, some fabulous pieces, one by one of my favoriteartists, Roy Lichtenstein!


After lunch ACS, his brother and sister-in-law, JS and AS, headed back to the hotel with EJS and MGS for some pool time.

GES, dad,  LaLa and I headed to the National Museum, loved it! All sorts of exhibits throughout our history. My one goal,  Dorothy’s ruby red slippers! We saw them towards the end, so worth it!

Back to the hotel, swim with the girls,  shower and off to dinner with the family.

Sounds like a better day,  wouldn’t you say?


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