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{April 17, 2016}   It started with an explosion and ended flat

Cut off again? What’s with you Disney?

The Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon was scheduled to start at 5am. Up at 3:15am, uck…at 10pm last night I was trying to [using the] force myself to sleep, you know me, it was hard! So, up at 3:15am, out by 3:30am and at Epcot by 4am, took some pictures and then head to corral K.


At the start of each corral, there were fireworks. By the time corral K started,  it was about 5:45. 

And we were off. The thing about Disney runs and something people don’t realize,  there are so many people participating that it gets bottlenecked in so many places and they have characters along the way everyone wants to take pictures.

We started at Epcot, through the park, then The Boardwalk, on to Hollywood Studios, out onto the highway.

Now…here’s where the flat comes in. At mile 5, there were a bunch of us just behind the 16 minute mile pacers and they cut us off and loaded us into the bus.  The only other place I have been cut off was last year at Disneyland, but that was at the 9 mile point. At least there I got in more than half, this wasn’t even fully half of the half. What’s with that?

If you don’t want us to stop and take pictures,  don’t have the characters throughout the park. And maybe control the bottleneck issues.

Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t slower, I’m not saying I was better than anyone, but seriously…what was it that they had to cut off the rest of us at 730am.

I did make a friend,  a fellow “cut-offer”, we rode the bus together back to the parking lot and get this..she lives around the corner from my house in Georgia! She was disappointed that she didn’t finish, this was her first race ever, she was more disappointed in the swag!

Now, we did find the bright sides…we got our medals, we were done in time to go back to our hotels and have free breakfast, take a shower and make my flight,  see bright side.

I’m still kind of miffed,  I’ll be fine tomorrow,  maybe the next day, I’m just disappointed. I know there will be a next time and I need to train for it,  something I really want to do and let’s see what comes next. Onward and upward!

A week with the family will help,  don’t you think?

[I tried to post more pics, keeps failing, I’ll keep trying]


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