Peaches Prattlings

{April 15, 2016}   Goodbye Atlanta…hello Orlando…packet pickup!

It’s travel day, lots to do!

The alarm went off, so I could tell after I woke up,  snoozing is amazing! JCT made me breakfast, yes,  I’m spoiled! I got some work done, took a shower, repacked and headed to the airport. I did get to say goodbye to her mom and daughter, love them all.

At the airport, got thru security easily, boarded and settled in, started watching The Wedding Singer, I love when they have movies in the seat backs…then I can play games on my phone, tee hee hee.

I got my rental car, ready for it…a convertible beetle! In Atlanta a red beetle, here, a silver convertible! And I rented an economy,  get this…they can’t give them away! Apparently, not a family friendly car with a week’s worth of luggage. Works for me!


I decided to head to the Expo at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports to pick up my race packet for the Dark Side Half Marathon.






The shoes match the character’s outfit, fitting!



I was good…they gave us the Darkside shirt and Active Advantage gave all its members a free t-shirt. I bought a running belt, hopefully it will hold everything and not pooch, so to speak. There wasn’t a lot I couldn’t live without.

My other purchase was a new running skirt with a matching headband, isn’t it fabulous! Perfect for Hawaii,  wouldn’t you say? There was a woman there who said it was perfect for Hawaii, she lives there! Go figure!

I got my knees and back taped with Rock Tape, hopefully it will help my knees and back on Sunday. I’m set.

On the way to the expo I had the top dropped on the car, stereo cranked and dancing my heart out, it felt SO good to be in a convertible,  I can’t wait to see Annie again!

Then it was time to go, drop the top, crank the tunes, head back towards the airport to check into my hotel, order some food and relax.

Tomorrow is another adventure! Time to dream about Mickey,  Minnie and Winnie the Pooh!


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