Peaches Prattlings

{April 8, 2016}   Author jam session

Maybe jam session isn’t the right word, but it was cool.

You know how someone will pay a movie quote on Facebook and then someone else posts another quote from the same movie [I’ve seen it so many times with The Princess Bride]. Well,  I had this happen with authors, pretty cool!

I was on my flight this afternoon, waiting to take off and taking to PSM on the phone and a woman was passing by to her seat and I noticed the author she was reading.  I mouthed that I loved that author and she said I know!

Then I said another author and she mentioned another and back and forth. We must have mentioned at least eight authors each and we both knew the other persons. [The line was moving slowly].

I have to say…a very cool happening. A literary jam session,  there you go!



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