Peaches Prattlings

{April 3, 2016}   It’s April 3rd, right? Not April fools day…

I know Vanessa Williams sang about the snow coming down in June, but have you actually seen it?

Well, it’s April 3rd and there was snow in the northeast. Yup, we had snow and guess what…more tomorrow, aren’t you excited!

It was crazy,  I don’t know when it started,  but when I looked at 7am, there was a lot of snow. It was that good for snowballs and snow people building,  big, wet flakes.

Big chunks of snow were falling from the trees, heavy on the roof of the car, ker-thunk! Then strong winds whipping the snow around.

By the time we left the house,  the sky was clear and bright, it looked like a beautiful winter day in January. Um…

By this evening, most of the snow was gone.

Let’s see if they get the weather right two days in a row.





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