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{April 1, 2016}   I’m not a hypochondriac, thank gawd!

Now, I don’t want something to be wrong, but it’s much better when there is a reason and you’re not just a worry-wort, extremist, hypochondriac.

It happens, right? You feel like crap and you hope it’s not just in your head so you don’t sound like the whiney baby you feel like. And I’m not talking about a cold, go for it, be a baby when you have a cold, you deserve it, you feel like crud and you can whine about it.

I’ve had a few major instances where I was worried it was all in my head. Kidney stones are a big one, you can’t figure out what the pain is and you want it to go away and it won’t and you hate the idea of going to the doctor for a little back pain. Mine was the size of a dime the last time, so I am now perfectly fine going to the doctor when I think it might be a stone, I would like to keep my kidneys, thank you.

Another big one I might have told you about, my heel spurs. It hurt every time I put my feet on the floor, I was doing a lot of walking, racing, running, so I thought it might just be sore feet, but when I saw the x-ray and the thing trying to make its way out of my foot via my heel and to know there was a solution…ahhh.

Today, again, I found out I’m not completely nvts-nuts! I had the extraction on Monday that I told you about and it hurt, just like the surgeon said it would, but it continued to get worse. I needed the pain meds every four hours, no question, every four hours, the pain was crazy. I told the surgeon one of the things I was worried about was dry sockets, which I had when I had a wisdom tooth removed once.

I tried to explain what a wisdom tooth was to EJS, that it doesn’t make you smarter, ha ha. So, when I had the wisdom tooth removed years ago, the blood didn’t quite clot correctly so you get food and air in the hole that’s left. Well, the pain got really bad yesterday, every morning I have woken up almost screaming, I live with two cats, what do they care? Except when I was crying they did try to cheer me up with cold noses on my face and rubbing their heads under my chin, it helps a little, except for the cold wed nose thing.

My jaw started to get swollen and really tender to the touch, I’ve been icing for days and it’s frustrating. I was supposed to have a follow up appointment on Monday, but I changed it for today and I’m glad I did!

I have an infection and dry socket, go me! I told you, when I do something, I like to go all the way! He gave me a syringe that I can irrigate the tooth out, get anything out that might be in there, more heavy duty ibuprofen, some amoxicillin for the infection and a heavy duty rinse that tastes like peppermint, but makes everything else taste like blech.

So, it wasn’t my imagination, I am looking like a chipmunk for a reason, thank goodness! It’s something!

There was an episode of The Golden Girls where Dorothy wasn’t feeling well and no one  could tell her why and she felt like she was going crazy. Then she found out she had a disease and the relief was overwhelming and that’s how I felt, I’m not crazy, there’s something wrong and the pain in excruciating because there is something wrong. [I threw that in there in honor of my friend SD, he la la la loves The Golden Girls!]

Now, I’m taking my meds and hopefully can sleep tonight and I’m on my way to a full recovery. My advice…take care of your teeth! You only got one mouth people!

Off to la la land with an ice pack in hand! Good night!












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