Peaches Prattlings

{March 31, 2016}   What? Is that the window open?

No…can’t be! It is!

But how is this possible? It’s March 31st,  Spring has been here for over ten days and some then it’s been cold and windy and a bit rainy here and there,  especially the last few days.

It was 40 degrees yesterday and the day before and the day before and today…65, huh? Mmmmm…

I opened all the windows that I could…one I can’t open and the others,  well,  let’s just say the holes in the screens won’t keep bugs or people out. 

But…it was lovely to have the breeze blowing,  the curtains open, the cats sitting in the window enjoying the sun and breeze, hear the sounds of the wind,  people,  traffic,  a lovely Spring day,  sigh.

Taking a chance leaving the window open tonight, I love sleeping that way,  fingers crossed it feels this good in the morning.

Sweet Spring dreams to you.



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