Peaches Prattlings

{March 30, 2016}   Ugh…the side effects

How do people get addicted?

I understand how people can get addicted to some drugs,  I know,  the euphoric side effects and what have you.

But I took oxycodine for pain medication and let me tell you,  that one,  first pill was also my last! It felt great, a short time after I took the pill,  the nice warm sensation, I stated to get sleepy and then…it hit.

The nausea, it was horrible! I know I’ve told you that I’m nauseous all the time,  but this took it to a whole new level, it was horrible and didn’t subside for a few hours.

Not to worry…I’m ok and if they could make that a side effect of a lot of drugs, I’m more talking about the bad stuff, there might be a lot less people getting addicted.

Count me in! Blech!



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