Peaches Prattlings

{March 28, 2016}   Tooth out…data out…what’s next?!

When I go all out,  I go all out,  I tell ya!

Apparently I think Monday equals dental work.  Last Monday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and had a cavity filled. Today, i went in for an extraction,  jealous?

When I went in for the cleaning/cavity on Monday, as I told you I knew I would I needed a root canal. Well, you and I were both misinformed. I went to see the endodontics professional and as he took x-rays it was determined that it wasn’t a root canal that I needed, the roots were not dead, there was resorption, Basically, instead of the tooth growing, it sort of ate itself, if you would, from the inside out. Ok, so, my teeth ain’t so smaht. What does that mean? It can’t be fixed and it must come out. Uh, ok.

I must tell you that whatever the doc did while he was in there worked, I was no longer in pain, ahhh.

So, as it is Monday, I go in for more dental work. This time, lots of numbing, split the tooth because it can’t come out whole with the whole in the middle. I’ve told ya, I go for the gusto. They start and about twenty minutes later, it’s done…tooth gone, hole in the head, oh so many one liners! two stitches, extra gauze in my pocket and instructions…pain reliever every four hours [what do I have at home? Uber ibuprofen and some oxycodine, oh yeah] I’ve been taking ibuprofen every four hours, just took an oxy, he said it would help with sleep, I’m gonna be hurtin’. I took my first oxy almost an hour ago and I’m starting to feel it, oh yeah…ha ha. And I’ve been icing on and off every 30 minutes, trust me, I’m timing it, I need it! I don’t have a soft ice pack in the freezer, the doc told me to use whatever I have, wrapped in a towel. I need to go to sleep soon, I’m running out of food!

That, my friends, as they say is that…on that front. Tooth is gone.

I got home and wanted to look something up online on my pc, so I hot spotted. I got a love note from tmobile, you’ve hit 100% of your hot spot data, what? I was at 80% on Friday, haven’t used it for anything but streaming this weekend. Last week, I used it for work.

Here’s the skinny…I have unlimited talk, text and data on my cell phone, all good. I also have 7Gb of data hotspot, great. Normally, I barely hit the limit, especially if I’m on the road for work, I use everyone else’s for my laptop. I don’t even burn data on my phone unless I can’t connect.

When I called a while back to confirm that using my Hotspot to stream videos [Netflix, Hulu, etc] would not affect my 7Gb of data. They have this great thing called binging, if you don’t have unlimited data, steaming music or video won’t count against your data package. Go binging!

What they do not tell you…if you use your hotspot, like I do, to power your Amazon Firestick, which I love by the way, when you search for a video, watch any previews or commercials [like Hulu has] count against your data. What?

So…I will not be using my Firestick for the next few weeks and I will be paying extra if I hotspot, unless I spend my time at Starbucks for their free WiFi. Oh well.

I am currently doing what I used to do when I was back in Atlanta, watch my movies or watch on my phone. Luckily, I brought my movies back from Denver, I’ve been burning them to a portable drive, it’s actually been great. I miss my 400 disc DVD player, but this works.

I am now really feeling the effects of the oxy, who’s ready to pass out with me! Tomorrow…I get to rinse! Maybe even eat hot food! Jealous?



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