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{March 27, 2016}   Hello, My Name Is Doris…I’m in vegan heaven…and I’m exhausted!

Yup, that about covers it.

You know how when you’re not feeling well and you stay in bed and day or two and then you feel like you’re fine and ready to conquer the world? And you know when you do that you realize that you’re nuts and probably should have stayed in bed? Yup, that’s me. Go figure.

The Nyquil and Dayquil have been great, making me sleepy and stay in bed,  getting up every once in a while to stretch the legs, make tea,  you know how it goes.  So, today after being in bed almost two days, I figured, why not,  time to go out. Away I went.

I took the train to the movies, ulterior motive…the theater was near Chinatown,  guess what I’m going to do later!

I went to see ‘Hello,  My Name is Doris’, staring Sally Field. I must admit it felt a little weird not having popcorn, but I was saving room. The movie,  I loved it. It was charming and sweet and loveable and awkward and funny and well, A+!

Sally Field plays Doris, an older woman who just lost her mom,  they lived together on Staten Island and she commutes on the SI Ferry into her job in NYC.

Really enjoyed it,  a lot of fun,  good supporting cast.  I love seeing Tyne Daly as a foul mouthed, on occasion,  radical.

She meets the new art directorat her company and develops a crush. She’s sixty something [or as Naomi Judd once said, sexty] and her crush…let’s just say…isn’t.

She daydreams and fantasizes she isn’t ready to act her age, her clothes are fabulous, all mish mosh, mismatched and fabulous, cat-eye glasses,  saddle shoes. I totally see me in the future,  just without the fake hair. C’mon, friends who have met me,  you can see it,  can’t you?!

The tag line “She’s not ready to act her age”. Totally get it!


After the movie walked a few blocks to Chinatown, I knew exactly where I was going. When PSM and I went to Chinatown for New Years Eve we saw it and I know I would go back sometime.

My Thai Vegan Cafe, ‘Authentic Thai cuidine, unique vegan preparation’. Really good, I can’t remember the last time I had wonton soup,  yum! It’s nice to go somewhere that I don’t have to ask what the base is on the soup or if there’s anything I can’t eat in something. Wahoo!

Now,  I’m back in the apartment, eating a slice of vegan NY style cheesecake. Mmmm.

And…I’m eating it in bed because I am officially tired! I may have overdone it, but it was all worth it!! I may pass out before I finish eating!



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