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{March 26, 2016}   MBFGW2

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. That was a mouthful!

Last night I took myself out for a date to see MBFGW2 and it was worth it! My seat was a bit too close, front row, it was the only seat left!  I like sitting in front,  not sure if I like sitting that close! Everyone was slightly skewed, that being said,  still fabulous!

The entire cast was back,  a few new characters, including John Stamos and Rita Wilson.

This movie was funny and touching and charming and had touches of the first movie. It opened with narrative by Tula, just like the first.

The family expanded a little,  it’s seventeen years later,  Tula and Ian have a seventeen year old daughter,  almost everyone is married with children, trying to get Paris married off or at least to get a Greek boyfriend. Yaya, or grandma has a bigger role and Ian gets a little jab in at Gus, pretty funny.

As you see in the previews Gus and Maria aren’t married because of a technicality and hilarity ensues in true My Big Fat Greek Wedding style. Nia Vandalos hit it out of the park yet again.

There are one liners, advice, both funny and scary, silliness, snogging, hiding, too many family members and Greek, Greek, Greek, of course.

The place was packed, I got one of the last available seats, that weren’t designated as handicapped. I didn’t realize it was Greek Independence Day, but it made sense when I heard that because the theater was full of “Hi Yaya!”

Go see this,  it was so worth it! The funny parts weren’t just in the previews. Opa!



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