Peaches Prattlings

{March 22, 2016}   I…am an overachiever

When I do something, I go all the way. I’m a perfectionist, on some things.

But…there is something rotten in Denmark. Well, if my tooth was called Denmark.

Ok, enough of that. Here’s the skinny. Every time I go to the dentist, I am surprised if I walk out without something being wrong, a cavity, need for a root canal, something of that nature.

I had x-rays done in July when I first went to a new dentist in Boston. A few weeks ago I started to have pain in one of my back molars and I was finally able to get an appointment at the dentist office. I went in yesterday and when they took an x-ray, the dentist was go-smacked and amazed!

“I have never seen a cavity grow that fast!” I told you, I’m an overachiever…I saw the x-rays, then and now, and wow, that was something. I knew going in I had either a cavity or a root canal and ding, ding, ding, I have an appointment tomorrow to see about scheduling my next root canal, this will be my third or fourth, go me!

On the way out of the office, I told the new dentist, who I liked very much, that I wanted a tiara instead of a crown when all this is over.

Brush, floss, rinse. Repeat

dental cavity


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