Peaches Prattlings

{March 18, 2016}   I love you, but please give me a minute!!

You must know how much I love my cats,  right?

Anyone who says cats are not affectionate or attentive or needy is nuts! I got home tonight after being gone for two weeks and it was exactly as I predicted…

They cried and meowed and followed me around like puppies. They Kelly “asking” when I was getting in bed to sleep and cuddle.  I said soon and I knew what it would be like…

I would try to get under the convers while they compete for my attention and the best spot to sit on…me.  Where can they knead and dig their claws the most to be most comfortable? Where can they put their cold, wet nose to inflict the most jump while giving me kisses? Where can they headbutt me the most to ensure I know they are there?

How long can they do each of these things to prevent me from going to sleep? And then when I do fall asleep,  how often can they do those things to ensure I don’t sleep through the night because they are nocturnal?

I’ll let you know tomorrow. It’s a good thing I love them!




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