Peaches Prattlings

{March 17, 2016}   Goodbyes are always bittersweet

Another city…another hotel…another hotel family…

This is my third time here in Buffalo, same client, different phases of the project. The team has stayed at a few different hotels while here.

I started starting at the Hyatt downtown sometime last year and I really liked it. You know I’m a Hilton girl but after staying here, I’ve been splitting my allegiance.

I got used to staying at the Hyatt in Buffalo, so much so that one week they were booked and I stayed at another hotel chain for that week and I feel like I cheated!

The hotel is nice, in a good location, but you know what’s important to me…the people.

The front desk staff has been great, I really only know the evening/night shift, the day shift is nice,  but I’m not there in the morning, not much more than leaving for the client site.

The valet’s are great, some better than others,  they know who I am,  recognize me when I check in,  sometimes even remembering my name.  The front desk staff knows my name,  it makes me feel good.

I try to bring them treats when I can,  sometimes it’s leftovers from dinner,  sometimes just a flat out treat. They work so hard, they deserve something extra. If they are free,  I get to hang out and chat with them or when I come in from whatever in did that night.

I made sure to go down to the front desk to say goodbye tonight,  I knew I wouldn’t see them tomorrow, as I am checking out.  They were disappointed that I am leaving, they said I’m a favorite of theirs. That made me smile, if it’s true,  ask the better.

I will definitely miss them all when I go. Parting is such sweet sorrow…sigh.



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