Peaches Prattlings

{March 14, 2016}   News! BIG news!

Ooh! I am so excited and I can talk about it!

My grandson, Baby A became a big brother last night! I would like to tell you all about JJ’s new love, ELB. She was born at 10:14pm. Her daddy, JB, said 8 lb and 4 oz, but momma was spot on, 7 lbs and 14oz, admit it, a mother knows.

She is perfect and beautiful and already the apple of her parents eye!  There is a picture on Facebook of JB and ELB looking at each other, poor guy, it’s all over for him!

I cannot wait to meet her, not too long now,  I will head to Atlanta to see my newest love and her family. I was there the day her brother was born,  wish I could have been there today, but soon enough!

I can’t wait to share pics on Facebook, be on the look out!!

Congrats to KAB, JB, Baby A, Uncle Bubba, Aunt Pow-Pow, her aunt CS and her cousins,  LB, LS and Baby W! Her grandma CG and her grandpa, DCM. What a crew and crazy bunch of people she’s related to,  present company included! Welcome to the world Baby E! You are so loved and you’re not even 24 hours old!



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