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{March 13, 2016}   When do you tip?

I think it’s a valid question.

As a society, we tip. It’s different in different places,  America vs. Europe for example.

We tip servers, the valet, hair stylists, nail technicians, just to name a few.

It’s not that I don’t want to tip, but where does it stop? I waited tables, I am very generous when it comes to tipping, even when I get breakfast included with my hotel stay, I make sure to tip.

When I valet at a restaurant, I tip, interesting,  I don’t tip at my hotel, I found out they make good money.  One of the valet’s drives 1.5 hours each way because the money is so good. I always bring him something from wherever I have dinner,  he said he appreciates it, I feed him well, front desk staff too.

I got my nails done today,  I tipped for both the mani and the pedi. The hard part with this and other things, like hair salons, etc, what do you tip? A percentage or a set amount? I’m sure there is a standard somewhere.

The reason I thought of this was being at the airport today. I have extra stuff coming back with me from Denver. I decided to take a chance and use curbside check-in for my bags, then take my rental car back. It worked!

Here’s what made me think of this. The people who work curbside check-in, just about everyone seems to tip them. Are we supposed to? Isn’t it their job? I didn’t tip him for taking my bags.  I might have actually changed my mind if he was pleasant.

Just a random musing.



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