Peaches Prattlings

{March 13, 2016}   What a day!! Woosh, twang, got it! ahhh

Five hours of sleep is enough,  right? That’s what my body thinks.

Five thirty am, eyes open, ok, you win, or is it I win? Ok, fine, I’ll get up. Get dressed,  then breakfast.

View from my hotel.


After breakfast, pack up the car and head to Breckinridge. No traffic, made it in record time, easy to find a place to park. Hop on the shuttle, right onto the gondola and up the mountain.




I used my Go-Pro for the first time today,  it was great! As soon as I can download photos, I’ll post some.

The slopes were wide open and there was new snow over the past week. I heard they’re expecting about a foot very soon! Towards the bottom, near the lodges and restaurants,  it was getting slushy. There are just a few more weeks left to the season, but still rockin’!

After an over priced lunch,  a few more runs,  I had enough. Headed back down, then to my car. A guy and his girlfriend were pulling up as I was de-ski gearing, “ma’am, are you leaving?” Yup, space is yours,  parking pass too, just pay it forward.

Headed out, no traffic, wahoo! On to my old apartment to pick up my banjo,  sorry,  no picture, it’s in the car. Then to my storage unit, visit my stuff and…I found my movies! I have something to do while I’ll home…burn, burn, burn!

Dropped off my skis, then back to the hotel,  drove around for about 15/20 minutes, there were two events with over 600 people, a wedding and 1500 guests of the hotel,  yours truly included. Finally found one! An Avis rental car spot and technically,  I’m in an Avis rental car, that counts, right?

I ordered some Chinese food and I’ve been relaxing and cross stitching, big event coming up! I’ll let you know when it happens!


I packed and now I’m talking to you and stitching and eventually,  lights out,  heading back to Buffalo tomorrow.


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