Peaches Prattlings

{March 7, 2016}   Too cool, need to find this in more places

Tonight I did something different and fun.

I went to a place near my hotel called The Chocolate Bar.  It’s a bar/restaurant that specializes in chocolate,  as you might imagine. Drinks, food,  dessert.

Mondays they have a promotion, Martinis abs Manis,  buy a martini, get a free mani,  fabulous? Yes! Wednesdays is Martinis abs Massages.  It’s a hook and a gimmick, but it worked! Worth it,  oh yeah!

They need to do this in more cities!

I found out about it from someone in one of my classes today,  she was meeting a friend there herself.  I had been wanting to go, I know,  I don’t like chocolate, but I was curious.

I got there,  ended up seeing the girl from class,  we chatted while she word for get friend. The menu was extensive,  well, the chocolate menu that is.

I ordered my first martini ever,  chocolate and peanut butter. It tasted like a Resee peanut butter cup,  except with vodka, um, not my thing,  but I tried it.  So I got a hot chocolate with amaretto,  better. They had virgin martinis, but they were made with milk,  oh well.


If you bite the ends off the chocolate stick, you can use it as a straw! That was tasty!


I ordered sweet potato fries with three sauces for dipping sauces, dark chocolate, which had a kick, rosemary butter and maple mayo,  that was the best. I keep trying things,  like chocolate to see if I like it,  you know,  tastes change! Not in this case!

Then I ordered a salad, very-berry, it was good,  lots of berries and nuts in a giant martini glass! Tasty!


They had Willy Wonka in a loop in the bar, along  with the I Love Lucy episode in the


factory and some

episode of Sponge Bob selling chocolate on in the bathroom.



There were some interesting people at the bar while I was there,  always fun to people watch.

Then it was my turn for a mani. The girl who did it talked 90 to nothin! She was very nice and chatty and when we talked about travel I asked if she traveled a lot, yup, to Florida and NYC all the time, but she wants more. I think she did a great job,  it’s very dark green with a gold party nail,  St Patty’s day is coming up,  maybe this will give me a touch of luck!


Back to the hotel with my leftovers,  way too much food! The valet and front desk were happy!

I wonder what my next adventure will be!!


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