Peaches Prattlings

{March 6, 2016}   Personal space

We all have it,  please go get your own.

I was at LaGuardia Airport and sitting at one of the tables, charging my phone.  It’s cool, there are so many charging ports and ipads you can eat,  play,  stay entertained while you  wait for your flight.

I sat down at one of these tables at the same time this woman stopped at the table. She was on the phone and I was thinking,  ok,  she’s going to move soon.


She proceeded to stand there, got off the phone, put the phone on the table in front of me [these are small one person booths], then took out get charging cable and put on the table. Huh?

She then reached across from me to plug her charger in! What!? Let me tell you,  there were other places she could have plugged in,  instead of with me.  She then proceeded to just stand there,  pretty much over me.

I asked if she should like to sit there, I was willing to move and she could have the seat.  “No,  it’s ok,  it’s fine, I’ll stand here.” What?

A moment later,  a guy on the other side of the half wall got up and I pointed to it and told her she could use that one and sit at it, have a seat all to herself. She took me up on my offer.

Now,  let me say this…I don’t have a problem sharing space. When I’m at a gate that has the charging ports on those stands, we’re all crowded together, sometimes standing right in front of each other.

But…when we reach over to plug in, we are courteous and ask, or at lease we are aware of each other and those charging stands are not at a personal table. If she has asked, I would have said yes, but she didn’t and she just stood there like this was ok and almost crowded me into the booth.  Imagine if I had ordered food!

All I kept thinking of was Dirty Dancing “This is my dance space,  this is your dance space”.




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