Peaches Prattlings

{March 4, 2016}   Waiting ok…but for how long?

Here I sit, waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

We landed over 30 minutes ago, first, we circled in the air,  a little snow in Boston and everyone was circling and diverting. Now,  we’re finally on tree ground and we wait. 

There is some de-icing happening,  I think…but we sit.  Don’t you just love this? I did, however,  get up to use the facilities because,  as I told the flight attendants, and it made them laugh heartily…”I’m trying to avoid a very different type of cleanup” when we get off the plane.

Ok, it’s been 45 minutes,  are we there yet? Ooh, here comes the de-icing truck! Now,  just the food trucks for the other planes.

Why couldn’t I be stuck in first class for this leg of my trip?

I hope I get off the plane soon,  I don’t want to be blogging from here tomorrow!!! Ha ha ha!

See…so close!



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