Peaches Prattlings

{March 2, 2016}   Did I just date myself?

Oh yeah, but I do it all the time! Don’t you?

When I teach,  I bring stuff up I know people will laugh about,  or at least get a chuckle. This is also dependent on their ages.

It was really funny yesterday because the class was full of women,  40s and up,  I knew they would know what I was taking about. But I also knew that the intern, very young guy, wouldn’t have a clue!

Do you remember the old Prell commercial “and they told two friends,  and they told two friends and so on,  and so on”.

My favorite is talking about the records I had a kid,  one in particular. So,  now,  we’re talking 45s and LPs.

But my favorite is talking about the story albums I had as a kid.

The reason I bring it up is depending on where I am teaching, I might need someone to navigate from my pc as I am at the front of the room where the slide deck is showing.

So,  I ask the class if they remember those albums we had as kids, sometime’s 45s and others the LPs. Do they remember the stories that you would read along with? “When you hear this sound,  turn the page” “ding”. My favorite, Cinderella.

So,  the class laughs with great memories and nostalgia and then I say “ding” and the navigator goes to the next slide. And when I don’t say it, the class does!

A long way to go for that one!




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