Peaches Prattlings

{March 1, 2016}   A look back

Tonight, I was thinking about my first beetle bug baby.

I was at dinner with one of my coworkers, SP, and we were talking about my car, why a beetle. I told him about my love of beetles since childhood and then I told him about my beloved beetle bug, Annie and how I lost her.

I may have posted this at some point, so I apologize for the repeat, but I thought this was a really nice tribute to my baby and I wanted to share it with you. Tissues are possiblyneeded.

As you may or may not know, I got a new bug in May of 2012, it took some looking, but I am happy again and I can’t wait to see her in Hawaii! So don’t be sad for me!

This is what I posted on Facebook in 2010.

Tuesday morning, I was on my way to work, Ronald Reagan Parkway for those of you in the know and the person in front of me stopped, I did not stop in time, engaged the brakes, but still rear-ended him. The airbags deployed and then there were flames.

I got out of the car in plenty of time, grabbed my laptop bag, but my phone, my poor wonderful Droid, was not so lucky. I exited the car and watched the flames get higher and higher and higher and eventually… a big ball of orange with black flames that climed high into the sky.

Captain Carl or Herb, my apologies to the traffic dude… announced there was a Car-B-Q on Ronald Reagan Parkway that morning [and I thought I had coined a phrase of my own] and to take an alternate route.

I watched the fire fighters put out the fire and the tow truck operater load what was left of my be-be onto his flatbed and shovel the charred remnants onto the truck, then drive away.

I was able to call someone by searching my work e-mails for auto-signatures with cell phone numbers, realizing just how dependent we are on our cell phones!

I got to work eventually and heard about a lot of people who were late to work because of me, I was famous. When they found out it was me, I think they took back the things they grumbled about having to detour. I publically apologize to anyone who I knew I’d made late, I felt really bad!

So…I have MILD whiplash, which is getting better every day, I only took a muscle relaxer the first night, was not fully functional the next day, so no more of those.

The next day, while speaking with the adjustor, he asked me if she had heated seats, I said “well, yesterday she did”. I get to make jokes.

So, in closing, I am 100% fine, my car, sadly is not. Annie was such a great car, many happy memories, I still remember the day I brought her home, August 18, 2003, they opend the Jim Ellis show room doors and we drove out. She just passed 116,000 miles and had had a service completed. We all know how particular I am about where I park, even one of the firefighters said she looked brand new, as she was going up in flames. I got at least two complitments on her condition every month, a very proud momma!

Goodbye Annie. I will treasure you forever.



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