Peaches Prattlings

{February 29, 2016}   Ouch…that hurts!

What’s a reasonable number of times to hit your head? In a day!

Yesterday was the day and three is the number,  boo and ouch!

The first was in the shower, I dropped something, picked it up and went to stand up again and smack! Hairline, ouch!

The second, I was loading the trunk, went to put a bag in and apparently the trunk door wasn’t up all the way and I hit the latch,  about the same place.  Owwwww! That actually required a few choice words! There were even a few tears.

Last one,  doesn’t seem possible, but I was on a flight,  stood up too fast,  and wham!

Needless to say, head hurts still,  very tender right there. I only have one request…

Daddy,  please come kiss my keepe and make it all better!



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