Peaches Prattlings

{February 27, 2016}   Excuse…rude…much?

Shut it already!

I was traveling to Denver today with a layover in Atlanta. I wanted to get some lunch, so I decide on PF Chang’s, vegetable lettuce wrap,  score!

I sit down and wait,  eventually the server comes over and we hit it off, of course,  but while I am waiting to order and then  get my food, this woman was on the phone,  speaking VERY loudly.

You know, it’s the airport, it’s a crowded restaurant, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrupt everyone else in the place! I asked the woman at the next table if she had been doing that a long time, yup, since she had been there.

Everyone keeps looking over at her, more like shooting death rays in her direction. She isn’t alone! I thought she was! Her husband,  or traveling companion, at one point stands up and then he stands there while she talks and yells at the person on the phone, over the railing for at least another 20 minutes!!!

She finally cleared the table and about ten minutes later they left. 

What I really felt bad about was that the waitress was missing out on making more money, so I left her a tip on my corporate credit card,  since it’s a travel day and then left her twenty dollars cash,  I know how hard it was waiting tables. She really was great.

So,  come on people, have some common courtesy,  seriously. Maybe karma will come around and the person who sits next to her on her flight does that to her!



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