Peaches Prattlings

{February 25, 2016}   I think I almost got IRS scammed!

Shame on them!

I don’t normally answer calls from numbers I don’t know. They must have called three or four times,  so I finally answered.

This angry man with a very thick accent told me he was with the IRS and I had been audited for a certain time period. I said I hadn’t been notified, they said they sent papers to my Georgia address. I wasn’t thinking about the scam yet and then…ding..ding..ding.

If they were looking at the years they said,  they would know I didn’t live there. He proceeded to get more angry and yell at me and then said “do you think this is a joke?!”

I then said,  this sounds like and I’m hanging up now. Click…never heard from them again. Then I checked, the number is close to the ones on the IRS website.  Hmmm…



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