Peaches Prattlings

{February 24, 2016}   Why, yes, I am the energizer bunny…

Thank you for noticing.

I have been compared to the energizer bunny on more than one occasion.  There are times it feels like I never stop moving, going, doing.

But when I teach,  that’s what I feel like! I am on,  I am going, I am all over the place,  a bundle of energy, it’s awesome!

Hey, I have to keep you engaged, energized, entertained, we’re going to be together for two to four to maybe even sixteen hours, it doesn’t have to be a downer. 

But sometimes,  as soon as I’m done with a class,  I’m done! I could probably take a nap!

I sit down and think about not getting up,  maybe if I put my head down for just a minute…but then,  the next class comes in and it’s like I’m starting all over,  I’m up,  I’m on,  let’s go! Sort of wash, rinse, repeat.

I got the greatest compliment once,  I was told that I made what could have been the longest sixteen hours of someone’s life fun and entertaining. That meant so much to me!

When will I see you in one of my classes?!



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