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{February 21, 2016}   Stuff…Random stuff

Just a few things that have stuck in my head.

Not sure if they all deserved a full blog,  some of it might be a vent or a rant,  how many of those do you really want to read? I know you care,  but uplifting, not a downer,  do I want to be!

Hmmm…where to start…I went to Best Buy to return something that didn’t work for me. When I bought this item it came with a $10 Best Buy gift card. Goody, I like gift cards. This one came with a catch they do not tell you when you receive it. If you return whatever you bought, to get the full refund,  you need to return the gift card.  Makes sense, I get it,  but tell me when I buy it that I need to return both and I would keep them together.  As it is,  I put the gift card in with my other gift cards when I first got home and didn’t think about it again when I put the item in my bag and traveled the country waiting for the opportunity to go to a Best Buy and return it.

So,  I got most of my money back and I still have a $10 gift card,  whoopee.

If I walk into your store and you ask me a question,  listen to my answer. I said I’m not a fan of a designer,  but I know someone who is. I asked if she was a fan and her answer “No, not like you are”. Huh? Really? It gets better, she did it three times, I should have walked out after two times,  but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

When I rent a car,  if I tell you I am not going to take the extra insurance, you can ask are you sure, not “oh really? How do you plan to conver it?” Really? I’m a grown woman. I already told you I’ll take care of getting the gas myself, “oh, but it’s only $25”, yes,  but you don’t know how much or how little gas I am going to use. And when I tell you that I rent cars every week for work keep after me. When I ask if you have a certain car because that’s what the receipt says I might get and you tell me that you have BMWs and they’re only $15 extra a day.  Oh really? Are you going to pay for it out of your pocket? It always feels very condescending talking to them,  if they weren’t the cheapest that weekend,  I wouldn’t rent from them again.

Silver lining,  so to speak. When I rented on Thursday from Enterprise, she was very pleasant and not condescending and when I told her that before she asks,  I don’t need extra insurance or pre-pay for gas,  she laughed and said “you’ve done this before I see”.

If you’re sick, I sympathize, but you don’t have to sit right in the middle of everyone and possibly get everyone else sick,  but more than that, besides the blowing, having to glance over and watch you stick the nasal stick thing up your nose,  really? While you’re talking a little loud on your phone, ragging on stuff. Thanks for including the rest of us.

Ok, enough already! I think there are others,  but I don’t feel like dumping anymore.  So,  I will end on a happy note.

This weekend, on the way to the house in NH, I stopped at an LL Bean Outlet to return some items I bought before PSM and I went to Europe. I love that I could return them four months later and without a receipt!

Do you feel like when you return things, especially after a long time period it’s like found money? I do! So you feel ok spending some of that? Come on,  I’m not the only one! Now, I didn’t feel that way at Best Buy,  but it was over $100 at LL Bean, so…just being fair,  I had to look to see if there was anything I just had to have.

I bought a really cute fleece,  I tried to find one for GES, I always do that when I’m shopping, especially if I find something adorable I know she’d like. Isn’t that what big sister’s are for? I also bought one of their large, very sturdy canvas bags, I’ve always wanted one, so sue me! Monogrammed would be even better,  but I’m happy.

Speaking of monogramming, I don’t know if you knew this, but at the outlets, and the regular retail stores I think, sell monogramned retruns. I look,  because who knows. Maybe I’ll see my name or initials or someone else’s I know.

I see this bag that I like, first for the color combinations and then I saw the monogramming and I thought,  I must have this. “AAA….Amazingly Awesome Aunt!” How perfect is that?

Good happy note to end on?



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