Peaches Prattlings

{February 13, 2016}   A lazy day…

And I la la la loved it!

There was a comedian who said doing nothing is very different when you’re young versus adulthood.

When you’re a kid and you don’t do very much,  especially with all that extra energy, and someone asks “What did you do today?” “Nothing,  it was awful!”

As a busy adult when someone asks that question…”Nothing, and it was fantastic!!”

Today,  I did nothing if much consequence. I got up,  had breakfast,  lounged around,  rearranged some things in the apartment, booked my travel for the rest of the month.  The only time I went out was to go to the corner market for a few things I needed,  it really was too flipping cold to be out [single digits close to 0, brrr]. Then it was back in comfy clothing and back to lounging around.

Oh, there was NCIS on in the background,  I’m binge watching. I’ve seen most of the episodes,  but I’m having fun going been through and watching start to…well, not finish, it’s still on, they are on season 13 and there are 12 on Netflix. And no,  I don’t think I’ll be watching LA or New Orleans, but never say never.

Of course, if you asked,  I would say I know I did stuff, but I can’t remember and it was of little consequence. No guilt!

As adults we run around so much during the week and even the weekend, one weekend day or the entire weekend to do nothing,  ah…

It’s going to be just a cold tomorrow,  what to do,  what to do? My new bed is awfully comfy…



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