Peaches Prattlings

{February 11, 2016}   Ah Delta…you do love me!

The weather has been, well,  not so nice these past few weeks.

I am a Delta girl, been that way for a while and it’s paid off time and again. I think I’ve told you in a little spoiled…and I like it.

I book my flight for today yesterday. I need to keep my status and there is a promotion with Delta and my company,  so trips from Buffalo involve connections,  especially if I fly Delta, not my favorite thing,  but there you go.

After I got to the airport my flight to LGA was delayed and then it was delayed so much that it would arrive 10 minutes before myv connecting flight was scheduled to leave.

So…rerouted to JFK, get there an hour before the connecting flight is to leave,  by the time I got to the gate, 20 minutes to take off.

But…the best part…two seats available in first class and just as I walk towards the jetway…upgrade! Score!!

JFK to Boston first class,  a Delta, I heart you!



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