Peaches Prattlings

{February 10, 2016}   Did we really just finish working?

We got to the client’s site about 8:10 this morning.

We walked out of the client’s site about 8:45 PM! What? Then, we met up in my hotel room to finish what we didn’t get done in the office. We met at 9:30pm, got settled in, ordered food and started working again., I was doing a dry run of my training class for the guys.

When did they leave? About 12:30 AM! Huh? There was laughing and some goofing off and breaking for dinner, but still…we started at breakfast at 7:15am and parted company at 12:30am and now, we are meeting at 7:30am.

I’m done for the day! Tune in tomorrow, how will it go?



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