Peaches Prattlings

{January 31, 2016}   What a weekend!

I went to Hawaii for the weekend, what did you do?

Man, that sounds so…well, I know what it sounds like, but it was awesome! Today was nice, thought about sleeping in, but the phone rang, mine, this time, totally understandable, people forget the time difference. No worries at all! We had coffee and tea and watched the sunrise, sigh…

Eventually, we got up, took showers and headed out to breakfast, another fabulous view, the ocean, that is, not the other clientele…

Rough life we lead…headed to the Disney hotel, found a place to park, luckily! There are only about 10-12 spots for in the free lot, we got there just as someone was pulling out. Then we walked across the street because I needed some slippahs. Now, you might say sandals or flip flops, but in Hawaii, you wear your slippahs. The ones I found happen to be Tevas that go across the top of the foot because I cannot stand anything between my toes! I like them, the only problem was the fact that I haven’t had a pedicure since I was in Hawaii in November! Please don’t look at my feet!

Then back across the street to the beach, ahhh…it wad beautiful, the water was a little cold, but still wonderful, so beautiful. We stayed at the beach a few hours, then had lunch overlooking the beach.


then decided we’d had enough beach, let’s check out the pool at the complex, ha ha!

We went back to the house, left the car abs walked to the pool for a little bit. It was nice, a small round pool, hot tub, two grills and lots of table and chair combos for eating. Towards five pm, people started coming to the pool with food for grilling, seemed like party central!

After a bit, we went back to the house to clean up and snuggled watching a movie before it was time to grab a bite to eat and head to the airport.

It was bittersweet, kind of like a regular weekend, I usually went home on Sundays in Boston, this would just be a little farther away.

We wanted to grab something quick and went to an unusual sushi restaurant, Genki Sushi. Doesn’t the logo look angry? The odd thing is that everything is on a carousel or conveyor belt that goes around the restaurant! Sushi, salad, drinks, wasabi, dessert! Bizarre! Not the best, but not awful. I was talking to someone at the Honolulu airport and she really likes it, maybe we need to go earlier in the day, hmm…

Then to airport, a quick goodbye, we cut it close, go figure. And here I am writing to hi from the airport.

A wonderful weekend, too short, as always, but wonderful. We are already talking about our next weekend together. Sigh…



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