Peaches Prattlings

{January 31, 2016}   How do you celebrate your anniversary?

Has it really been a year?

I cannot believe it! I’ll tell you more about that later, tonight I just want to share how we spent our day.

It started a little early. One of the things PSM said last night was “awesome, i have a reason to sleep in tomorrow!” Then he remembered that he was going to chat via FaceTime with JM, his nephew, at SIX am! It was good to see him and PSM’s brother, SM. We got to see Mollie, but she was not to be bothered, in sure she was just putting up a brave front for PSM!

We went back to sleep for a bit,  then got up and went to Longboard’s for breakfast. Longboard’s is one of the restaurants at the Marriott vacation club hotel. Nice view for breakfast,  wouldn’t you say?


We went back to the house to regroup and headed out. We were going to tour the east side of Oahu after we took my rental car back.

We missed a turn or exit and ended up somewhere fabulous! The Hunauma Educational and Environmental Nature preserve, what a gem!


It’s made up of coral reefs that have amazing life swimming and living in it and you have to be careful you don’t disturb anything by touching it.

We even got a treat of seeing humpback whales in the distance! I got some video, unfortunately,  I can’t seem to upload it,  sorry.


We walked the beach and sat under the palm trees, took the tram up and back,  rough life.


After we enjoyed ourselves for quite a bit,  we decided to go to a movie.  It was one of my ruses for my surprise this weekend. I suggested we go to the movies at the same time and keep our phones connected,  he loved the idea, now we could just go together! Even better.

We went to see Kung Fu Panda III, which we both really liked. And since it came out Friday,  perfect ploy of mine!

After dinner we went to the marina across the way and had dinner on the water at Kona Brewing Company, another fabulous view. How am I going to leave tomorrow?


Not a bad way up celebrate one year together. What a year!

My flight doesn’t leave until 10pm tomorrow,  what fun will we have? I’ll let you know!


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