Peaches Prattlings

{January 30, 2016}   Was he surprised? You bet your sweet bippie!

I did it! I pulled off the surprise of the year! Literally!

We are one month into 2016, so technically, that is a true statement!

Tomorrow is a very special day,  it was one year ago,  PSM and I went on our very first date. Will I tell you more tomorrow,  of course,  but tonight…

As you know,  PSM moved to Hawaii on the 15th and the one question everyone keeps asking…”do you know when you first trip will be” and the answer, which I could never say in front of him is “YES!” I already had it planned out!

Now,  even though I knew what I wanted to do, I couldn’t book flights until I knew where I would be for work.  As soon as I found out the schedule,  I booked my flights to Hawaii right away.

I was trying to figure out how to work it out and ensure he would be there! He has to travel to the other Islands for work and yesterday was his first.  If he told me that he would be staying for more than an overnight,  I would have had to tell him,  but I was in luck!

I was trying to get him in one place so I could surprise him,  where would he be? I suggested a weekend virtual date..spend time together via phone and Skype this weekend. He bought it!

We’d “go to dinner”, watch a movie, all over two different ends of the country. How are we going to that he asked. Watch the movie and have our phones connected in the theater. DoubtingThomas,  but he agreed.

Luckily,  we don’t have to try that this weekend! I got in about 1pm, picked up my rental car,  then went for a drive. North shore for lunch, then I tried to get a mani/pedi from the same place when I was here last.  20 minutes later,  no parking,  so up towards PSM’s place,  he should be home soon.

I did go to get a mani, no time for a pedi, off to find him at the bar on the golf course. “So,  what’s the name of the place? I just want to look it up and picture where you are” awesome!

I called him as I was walking into the restaurant and asked him if he could have anything for his anniversary,  what would it be? He told me earlier in the week,  just seeing me, awe, love that!

As I was along,  I tapped him on the shoulder and the look on his face…priceless!! Surprised doesn’t cut it!

We’ve spend the rest of the day holding hands,  staring at each other, hugging and kisses, it’s been fabulous!

So much to do, so little time, so…I will bid you a fine adieu and go back to staring at my beau, gotta make it last!

Happy one year my love, here’s to the next and the next and the next. Uh oh, how do I top this??



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