Peaches Prattlings

{January 22, 2016}   Customer service…would a smile kill you?

I know I’ve talked about customer service before, I will probably do it again.

Oh look, here I go again!

I picked up a rental car in Atlanta, waited on line for about 30 minutes,  then it was my turn. I was lucky enough to get the guy who doesn’t smile and was smarmy.

At one point,  I actually said that he should smile,  it would help with customer service. His co-worker laughed and said I called him out. I was jovial about it. He said he was smiling, yeah,  right.

Then he gave me something to sign and looked at me expectantly. Um…do you think a pen might help? The woman next to me gave me a pen, thanks. It went on from there. 

Then I went to the car in the assigned spot, no key,  I have to go into the hut to get the keys.  Never looked me in the eye,  and was curt. I know it’s cold out,  but it’s not my fault.

If you don’t like your job,  please find another. Until that time, make the best of it and smile!thank you.



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