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{January 21, 2016}   January 21st, a very special day

Forty seven years ago today was a great day.

January 21, 1969 was the day my parents got married, I’d say that was a pretty great day. At the lowest level, if it wasn’t for that day, I wouldn’t be here writing to you about it, go mom and dad!

My parents met when they were working for a camp for the disabled, at the time, handicapped. My mom was a counselor, my dad worked the waterfront. My mom always said she married him for his legs, he does have great legs, which I apparently inherited, thanks dad!

My parents relationship was something to behold and I am honored that I got to be a part of it for 34 years and my sister for 30 years. I couldn’t have had better parents, both very different people in thought and act, but very unified when it came to parenting. Frustrating at times, I can tell you.

They each had a role in the marriage that they established, probably without a word. My mom was an amazing cook, a foodie, if you will and my dad’s specialty was breakfast for dinner. There was humor, she cooked, he cleaned up, he cooked, he cleaned up, good one mom.

My mom always joked that my dad was her first husband! She would introduce him that way sometimes when they would meet new people. They held hands when they walked together, sat on the sofa, lounging in bed watching tv, they laughed a lot, they knew what made each other tick.

I loved being in the kitchen when they would start to dance to music sometimes only they heard. They never went out dancing specifically, but they would dance at functions, those seemed to be some of my mom’s favorite times. Something to see.

When they would go to the movies, it wasn’t always to the same movie, they would go in the same car, find something starting about the same time and then go out to dinner after to discuss what they saw.

They were both teachers, so very smart people they were and when people tell me I’ve done something well, I tell them I come from good stock. Education was important to them and I know I frustrated them both to no end sometimes, believe me, I was a pain in the arse at times when it came to school, but I know I made them proud on many occasions as well.

When it came to relationships, I knew what I wanted, whatever they had. I had that once for a short time and it feels like I have that again. I see that in my sister’s marriage as well, especially in their parenting and what I did with my kids when they were young. How could we not, we had great teachers and role models for parenting.

The way they would look at each other, stolen glances, kisses, a touch here and there, the way they would look out for one another, defend the other, stand up to each other and in the end love each other is all that really matters.

There is so much more I could tell you, but I’m going to keep that close to my heart, I can’t give it all away, we just don’t have the time.

See, I told you that January 21, 1969 was a great day.








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