Peaches Prattlings

{January 20, 2016}   A word to my uber driver

Dear uber driver…

For the most part,  I have had great experiences with Uber. They show up on time,  they’re pleasant,  clean car,  reasonable rates,  I don’t have to worry about carrying cash or credit cards.  I know the make,  model, license plate and drivers name.

Until today,  I was only bothered by one driver, when we were in Hawaii and took uber to the airport,  I ordered the car,  my account, my payment and the driver never addressed me,  always “Yes sir ” over and over, really? I’m still in the car!

Today,  I got in the car and was almost drowned out by the car stereo. Mostly the bass.  It was loud,  obnoxious and took him a while to turn it down.

Now,  I’m no prude, I listen to music with the volume loud enough to vibrate the mirrors, but when you have a business and it’s a customer service business,  maybe not killing your customers eardrums would be nice.

Made it home in one piece,  here’s to next time.



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