Peaches Prattlings

{January 13, 2016}   Coolest thing EVAH!!!

Ok, Auntie’s time to glow and maybe tear up a little.

Today,  ACS showed me the attached and after it registered in was tickled pink and so touched and proud and anything else you can think of!

What you’re looking at is something EJS did at school today.  It’s called the “Five Finger Network”, part of the Child Assault Prevention Program.

The first thing they did was trace each hand on the paper.  On the left hand they had to indicate five trusted adults they felt comfortable with to share their feelings. On the right, five places they feel safe.

The trusted adults were mom, dad, S&B, I’ve told you about them, very close to the family, affectionately known as Aunt B and Uncle S.  And…yours truly!!

The trusted places were home,  school,  Aunt B’s, and no, not like Andy Griffin! And, last but not least…guess who!!!

How could I not be proud and touched! I love that kid! She throws something out there like this! Yes, I am biased!

Ok, enough! Cool or what!?



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