Peaches Prattlings

{January 7, 2016}   Talking with your hands

Are you like everyone else and you talk with your hands.

Even when you’re on the cell phone? I was trying to find the perfect image and there it was, but…as you’re probably saying,  “but JJ, I do that and I’m not Italian!” I know,  so did I!

I’ve been on the phone or WebEx doing a training and I’ll use my hands as if in in front of a class. Last night I was talking with JCT and we were talking about something and I said “I want you to know I’m showing you what I’m talking about, as if you were here,  I look might silly doing it!” [Technically I was talking about a piece of ladies clothing…intimate clothing, if you get my meaning…ooh, you didn’t know it would be that kind of post! We laughed a bit at that!

I realize I do that all the time, do you? Ask someone who talks with their hands to not use their hands, just once, watch their faces as  their brain stops working, right?



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