Peaches Prattlings

{December 23, 2015}   A new experience

Today,  I got a ride through the airport…in a wheelchair!

As I am recouping, I am not allowed to lift anything more than seven pounds for about four weeks, doing well, just moving a little slower.

That being said,  I decided to make my life a little easier today at the airport and I requested a wheelchair. I have to say,  it was different, being taken where I needed to go,  at a different level and weaving in and out between people “look out!” “Coming thru!”

It did alleviate some of the pressure of navigating the airports, having to carry or wheel things here and there, so much easier!

If you’re like me,  asking for help is not easy,  but people want to help, so ask!!

A new experience, what’s the next adventure?



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