Peaches Prattlings

{December 21, 2015}   Pouring gasoline

Are you graceful when you pour gasoline?

Why is it that when I pour gasoline, usually into a small gas can, or sometimes even filling the gas tank on a car, I will inadvertently get gasoline on my hand or clothing? It happens, maybe the connection wasn’t solid or when I pulled the hose out there is a little spatter. Does this every happen to you?

But…why is it that when I watch people in movies and on tv pouring gasoline, sometimes to start a fire, maybe an angry spouse piled all the stuff on the front lawn and lit it on fire, as it happens in the movies all the time. Why is it that they can pour gasoline until their hearts are content, light it on fire and never once spill a drop on themselves?

I was inspired today as I was watching something on tv and an angry wife, this time, piled all the husband’s stuff on the front lawn, poured gasoline on the pile and lit it on fire. No spillage or dripping or catching themselves on fire.

Hmmm. Yeah, that’s about it.



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