Peaches Prattlings

{December 16, 2015}   Today, I had a P.P.O.E.

That sounds so official or ominous. So many acronyms in the world today, right?

It stands for a positive post office experience! How often can you say that?

I have packages to mail, as you can imagine,  some are going to places I am not and some are going to where I am going to be for Christmas and I won’t be able to carry them,  so ship them off.

There is a UPS office pretty close,  so I took a chance.  It was about 800 degrees in there and the girl helping me was moderately helpful, she had a lot of trouble reading my writing, the word yellow…”yellaw?” Really? Ok,  never mind that.

What irritated me was the cost! The first box,  $39.50 and it had to go 3 day, if I went ground,  no guarantee it would get anywhere by the 23rd. After two boxes of this, and an envelope, thin and light,  $9, really?

So,  boxes back in the car,  off to the post office.

I wrangled my large bag and three large boxes the few blocks,  after finding parking,  someone held the door open,  first good thing.  Then I waited, and waited, and waited, the boxes got heavier and heavier. A girl asked if she could help,  I asked her to pick up my sunglasses that had fallen, second nice thing.

It wad finally my turn and the woman behind the counter was pleasant and helpful. And my first package… $15.14 vs UPS’ $39, sold! And the $9 envelope? $3.14…hmmm.

Overall,  a pleasant experience,  everything should get where it needs to be,  on time,  I paid the extra .17 for one box, by golly!

I made two of the women behind the counter laugh a few times,  always a good thing.  Got out of there for a heck of a lot less than it would have been at UPS, go me!

I walked out with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  Ha ha.



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