Peaches Prattlings

{December 14, 2015}   Geek alert!!!

Geeking out tonight!!

I finally got my Samsung Gear S2 watch tonight!

Anyone who knows me knows I LA LA LA LOVE my smartwatch. I have had it for about four years, I’m on my second, the first I dropped on a driveway after about 3 years,  so sad, so I had to get another.

The technology is great, it’s just slowing down a bit,  I’m sorry to say,  part of the reason I had a fitbit as well. And if you know me,  you know I want the latest and greatest. I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then I see the watch…ooh…

I researched and since they’re both Samsung,  they connect.  The other watch, Motorola, was great when I had a Motorola phone, connected easily.

This thing is magical! Apps, phone, fitness tracker,  emails,  music, video, you name it! It even comes with a charging stand!!! And yes, I already downloaded some apps including the winter watch face!

I’m in geek heaven! Sigh.





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