Peaches Prattlings

{December 10, 2015}   I hab a cowd

That translates simply to I have a cold.

I felt it coming on about a day or so ago and wasn’t site,  but last night I knew, especially since I was tired enough in the afternoon to take a nap, so I got some nyquil out and waited for it to take effect.

By 330 this morning,  I couldn’t figure out why I was still awake and when I went to the bathroom, I saw them sitting on the counter,  duh! I promptly took the two pills and feel asleep shortly after.

I spent the day in and out of consciousness and taking dayquil, until PSM came over, with some beautiful lilac colored roses to cheer me up, light the menorah and then take me to dinner, a little Chinese restaurant down the street from my apartment.

Now,  I am safely ensconced in my pjs, warm blankets and cats. I’m writing to you and then passing out.

Good night.


Couldn’t resist!


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