Peaches Prattlings

{December 4, 2015}   I rode in a tractor!

Today I got to be a kid!

Did you have Tonka Trucks when you were a kid? Did you ever dream of actually riding in one of those vehicles? Was one of them a tractor?

I did! Yes! Yes!

And guess what! I got to do that today!!

Today,  I was invited to go with PSM and his co-workers to visit the farms he’s going to be working with in Hawaii. We visited the main site,  the farm where his office will be,  already had his name on the door,  cool,  huh?

We got a tour of the facility with some of the workings of what they do there. Then we took a drive to the next farm and what they do,  both farms had major equipment. Somehow…someone said I might want to ride in a tractor and they said ok! Next farm!

We went to the North Shore to the third farm on Oahu, saw some cool stuff and then…I got to ride in a tractor,  how cool was that!! Big kid time!

What fun thing is next?



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