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{December 2, 2015}   It’s amazing where you pick up knowledge

And how!

Today, I got stung by a bee! OUCH! I was on the beach starting to doze off and all of a sudden I felt a very sharp pinch, or sting, as it were and I waved away whatever had attacked me and when I sat up and looked, there was a stinger still in my arm. I promptly pulled it out, jumped in the water to get some cold water on it, then found the first aid station and they gave me an ice pack for it.

I didn’t have an allergic reaction, I’ve been stung by a bee before, it got very puffy around the puncture and eventually the swelling went down. Now it’s slightly raised and red around the area and tender. That’s all. I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow.

Personally, I like bumble bees, they’re cute and fuzzy and convert into really cool cars. Ha ha.

Now, I know you’re sitting there trying to figure out what a bee sting has to do with picking up knowledge. Haven’t you met me before? Now, to tie it all together.

I know it was a bee and not a wasp because of the stinger. Wasps do not have stingers. And the reason I know this is because on one leg of my flight to Hawaii, I watched Ian McKellen in Mr. Holmes. In this movie he plays an aging Sherlock Holmes who lives in a farmhouse with the housekeeper and her son and he keeps bees.

One day the boy gets stung and everyone thinks it’s the bees and he says it’s not, there were no stingers and bees leave stingers, wasps do not leave stingers. The boy was trying to figure out what was killing the bees and it was the wasps, so he tried to get rid of the wasps, unsuccessfully, but this I how I found out that I was stung by a bee.

I called my dad to tell him what happened and ask if he remembered that scene in the movie!

There you go wrapped up nicely.

Now, buzz off! Sorry, couldn’t resist! Tee hee hee.









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