Peaches Prattlings

{December 1, 2015}   They say opposites attract…

Boy do they ever! How have we made it this long?

No sense of smell and I smell EVERY-thing! [I have to admit, on occasion, I’m jealous]

Can’t hear and I can hear a pin drop! Taste buds are gone, what good is he for letting me know if something is too spicy?

He LOVES spicy, loves spicy to make him cry, I like to have the ability to taste my food.

He’s a southpaw and I’m a righty.

He likes the woods for hikes, I prefer the beach for…beaching.

I’m a cat person and he’s…allergic.

And the worst thing? I’m a Yankee and he’s a Red Sox fan, what is the world coming to?

But…we’ve been together for almost a year and it seems to be working. Will it last? Ask me in 40 or 50 years, I’ll give you an update.



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