Peaches Prattlings

{November 27, 2015}   Black Friday

Do you participate?

I am not a “Black Fridayer”, I have participated,  but I am not into it. This is all my opinion, not disparaging anyone who’s into it.

Once I went with JCT and her husband,  they are serious and hard core.  That was my first and last serious Black Friday outing. Last year I went to one local store with my sister and a friend for about 45 minutes,  hold yourself back.

Today,  there were no plans for Black Friday,  then I remembered that I needed something for a party tomorrow,  so we went to a mall in the area and it wasn’t awful, we made it out alive!

We went in,  found a few things and walked out and then back to the house.

Did you participate? What was your big find? Ready for next year?



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