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{November 20, 2015}   Dogs like car rides…Cats..not so much!

Proof…meowing all the way to the vet. And all the way back. Oh what fun! Imagine that in stereo!

Is it ingrained in them, like from the time they’re born? Or if you put them in the car regularly starting when they’re young,  will they like it and eventually love it?

Dogs seem to love it. I can’t think of a dog I’ve met who doesn’t love it. Maybe it’s because they’re excited to go somewhere, thinking is the park or a walk every time, even though sometimes it’s to the vet.

My cats don’t like it. Period. They freak out when I have to put them in the carrier,  then in the car. Can you imagine what it was like taking them cross county? That time I let them out and they sat on my lap and it wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t great. Peanut kept trying to sit under my feet,  not good.

I bring this up becaus today, I had to take Jymy to the vet for a shot. Got her in the carrier easily enough, luckily there aren’t many places to hide here, but I got her before she tried. From the moment she was in, the crying started.

I opened the carrier,  would have let her out in the car,  she used to get on my lap when we went somewhere,  then she’s usually quiet, no dice.  So, we drove, me petting her in the carrier, if I took my hand away,  crying.

It didn’t stop when I got to the vet…it stopped when we got home, thankfully!

Luckily, I shouldn’t have to go through that again for a while! Sigh…















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