Peaches Prattlings

{November 19, 2015}   The end is always bittersweet

Another project has come to an end.  Boo.

Some projects go on too long, some too short, some end with notice,  others close the doors. Every one is different.

My latest project was supposed to go thru mid January and a few weeks ago we got word that the project is ending sooner than later. At least this time we have the opportunity to say goodbye to each other.

It’s hard when you don’t get to say goodbye, when it ends abruptly,  everyone is just gone.

This project at least allowed me a proper send off. We got to say thank you, from JO, we for mugs and key chains. How sweet was that?

I’ve been on quite a roll at my company.  Theree have been good times and bad,  laughs and some tears.  But overall it’s been a great experience.

And now,  I say goodbye again,  who knows where this path that I’m on will lead.

Another great adventure!



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