Peaches Prattlings

{November 17, 2015}   For the first time, I’m ok Christmas is early!

Tonight we checked into the Hyatt Regency Buffalo and Christmas is in full swing.

At first, I was thinking, like everyone else…it’s not even Thanksgiving! Of course, the Christmas/Holiday movies have started and don’t the mushpots out there love it? Yes, we do! But I digress…

It is a Festival of Trees, A Multi-Event Benefit for Women & Children’s Hospital and it is fabulous! This is the 38th annual event and to date, they have raised over $6.5 MMMMMILLION dollars, amazing!

Designers volunteer to design trees, wreathes, tables. There are some items that already have prices and others are up for auction. Such a worthy cause and ARA and I were completely blown away!

We even ran to our rooms to grab our credit cards and do a little shopping! I’m so excited! I can’t tell you what I got, but they gave us a bunch of sparkly snowflakes in different colors, because we bought some items and helped in a little way. It was so worth it!

There are Nutcrackers taller than EJS! There are presents, wreaths, trees, oh the trees!

Themes, like Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney, Peanuts, Inside Out. Clever trees that look like dresses.

If you are going to be in the Buffalo area over the next month, especially this weekend, stop by the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo and check out this amazing event and the trees, the trees, oh the trees!!!



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